Making Space to Hear God Speak

Would you consider giving Stillness a chapter in your life story? Jesus did.


“As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer.”  - Luke 5:16

Come away and experience a life-transforming weekend!

Give yourself the gift of making space to hear God speak. Attend a DARE TO BE STILL WOMEN'S RETREAT, hosted and led by the Dare to be Still team.

We have prepared a time and place for YOU to come away, to enter the stillness, away from the distractions and demands of life.

Enjoy a workshop where you'll learn new ways to connect with God and hear from Him, followed by an opportunity to practice what it means to spend quality time with God.

Join us at DRIFTWOOD SHORES in Florence, Oregon, MAY 2 - 3, 2020, for this life-changing encounter.

There's only one retreat this year, so register early! Sign up by March 1st and you'll receive a FREE gift at the retreat worth $20!


For more information, visit www.daretobestill.com

Taste of stillness

Enjoy an evening of making space to hear God speak throughout the year at New Hope Eugene! Check our events list to find the next Taste of Stillness workshop.