Rooted is a catalyst for life change that provides the opportunity to connect with God, the church community, and your purpose in unexpected and life-changing ways.

This 10-week experience provokes questions and conversations and offers a safe space and group experiences designed to give you a glimpse of your story in God's story.

Rooted is for people in every life stage, wherever they are in their faith journey. The weekly readings teach us what it means to be a follower of Jesus by experiencing foundational elements of Christianity such as scripture, prayer, worship, generosity, and service.

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Q: How has COVID-19 impacted Rooted?

A: A: Our new start date is April 15th . Plan A is to meet on campus if the ban on public gathering is lifted by April 14th. If the ban is extended, Plan B is to meet in homes with a maximum of 10 people. More details to
come. Plan C if Oregon imposes quarantine-type measures, we are exploring virtual community options to allow our Rooted experience to move forward!

Q: How do I register and what does it cost?

A: You can register via the app or website. The cost is $20 per person.

Q: How will I be placed in a group?

A: There is a “buddy request” line on the sign-up form in case there is someone you would like to be in a group with. Beyond this, our Rooted Team will prayerfully place people into groups.

Q: How many weeks is Rooted?

A: Rooted is a 10-week small group experience which includes three large group gatherings.

Q: Will there be childcare?

A: Yes, all of our Wednesday groups will have access to our normal Midweek childcare. If we move to Plan B outlined above, we are working on childcare options for some of our groups.

Q: How much time should I budget per small group gathering?

A: 2 hours.

Q: What can I expect? And, what is expected of me?

A: a) Rooted is a 10-week commitment. We recommend participants who have to miss more than two meetings to wait to sign up for Rooted until the following semester.

  1. b) There are 5 days of devotionals per week. Completing them is critical in helping you grow and develop in your faith.
  2. c) There is a $20/person cost to go through Rooted which includes individual books, 3 community experiences, and a Graduation Celebration Dinner. New Hope does not profit from this. All the money goes toward running the program.
  3. d) In addition to the regularly scheduled group gatherings, each Rooted group will participate in a 3-hour prayer experience and a community serve experience.

Q: Where will groups meet?

A: Most groups will meet at New Hope Eugene, though there may be a few groups meeting in homes.

Q: When will I know who my group leader is?

A: At our large group orientation launch week 1.

Q: When will I receive my Rooted book?

A: At our large group orientation launch week 1.

Q: What night(s) of the week will groups meet?

A: Most groups will meet at New Hope Eugene on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30pm. However, we’ve just added a Sunday evening Rooted group in Spanish from 6pm-8pm meeting on campus as well.


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